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GFX Alcazar 2021 Onwards Lifelong Floor Mats With Truck Mat

GFX Alcazar 2021 Onwards Lifelong Floor Mats With Truck Mat

Original price was: ₹10,999.00.Current price is: ₹6,300.00.

  • Compatibility: Hyundai Alcazar
  • Protects the car floor from mud, snow, dirt, and spills 
  • Made from high-quality TPV material which gives a lifelong guarantee
  • Water Proof, Dust Proof and Odour Proof
  • Supports Fire Resistance  
  • Detachable mats and hence easy to wash and clean
  • Weight of the Mats – 5kg
  • Lifelong Warranty
  • GFX Lifelong Mats


GFX Lifelong floor mats for Alcazar

The GFX Lifelong Floor mats for ALcazar are the types of all-weather mats that protect the car floor from rusting due to moisture, stains or dirt on the car floor. Drivestylish has a great collection of floor mats for Amaze in premium Quality. Read ahead about the floor mats:-

Perks of Lifelong Alcazar GFX Floor Mats:-

Prevents dirt and stains on the car floor: Placing GFX Lifelong floor mats of the correct size will help reduce stains due to spills and dirt in the car. Floor mats are most useful when fluids, water, and sticky food items are spilt accidentally. You can’t avoid these circumstances but prevent the consequences by installing the ALcazar lifelong floor mats.

Safety against slips and defects on the car floor:  A genuine, high-quality fitted floor mat keeps you secure by sticking in place, especially on the driver’s side (away from the pedals), and never slipping. Look for mats that lock into place and have an anti-slip surface that will not leave holes in your car’s interior. 

One-time Investment for the long term: These floor mats come with durability for the car’s life. These car accessories will not expire or be damaged due to daily wear and tear. The mats are a wise investment for the car floors, saving it from rust or corrosion.

Easy Maintenance: They are designed to be easy to clean and maintain. Many lifelong mats are waterproof or water-resistant, allowing for quick cleanup of spills or mud with just a wipe or rinse. This convenience makes them ideal for busy lifestyles and varied weather conditions.

What is in the Package by Drivestylish?

  • Lifelong floor mats for Alcazar

Why Choose Drivestylish online?

Drivestylish is the highly trusted platform for GFX Floor Mats Online in terms of quality and post-delivery services. You must know the following reasons to shop with us:

  • DriveStylish can help you make accurate decisions by advising you on call after enquiry.
  • We have been serving consumers online for the last two years and offline for more than 30 years in Delhi.
  • We promise both post-delivery assistance and excellent customer service.
  • We provide the best offers and affordable prices on interior as well as exterior car accessories .
  • We assure the best quality by subjecting car accessories  to two-tier testing.


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