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Quick Guide to Rain visors for Monsoon

The rain visors commonly known as “door visors” are one of the saviours in heavy monsoon. If you don’t want the rainwater splashing on your car seats and making your interiors smelly, these car accessories are a must-buy. 

The monsoon season is very unpredictable and comes with unique challenges to the driver. The rain visors provide safety, convenience, and comfort in this weather. Let’s discover more about the rain visors for car: 

What is a Rain Visor for a car?

A door visor or a window visor or rain guard, is an exterior car accessory which is attached to the window.It primarily balances the airflow and prevents the  water splashes into the car. The modern design  deflects the mud , heavy rain away from the window and door and hence prevents the minor scratches on the window and door. It also provides ventilation and airflow while driving with the windows slightly open. 

Uses and Perks of Rain visors: Keep the car seats clean & Dry. 

  1. Improves Visibility and Safety: When it’s raining you need to keep the window slightly open to avoid the accumulation of fog  on the window which can lead to accidents.  So the rain deflectors enable the drivers to keep the window open without letting the interiors damp.
  2. Prevents the rain water in the interiors: The primary purpose of rain visors for cars  is to protect the interiors from rain water splashes during heavy rain. Installing rain visors can save the car from minor scratches caused by the heavy rain. 
  3. Ventilated Journey: Rain visors enable you to enjoy fresh air circulation without worrying about rain or strong winds entering the vehicle. These accessories help to maintain the temperature inside the car when you are stuck in traffic in heavy monsoon or heat.
  4. Protects the window from cracking: The window is unable to bear the harshness of the weather. Hence the rain visors installed along the edges of the window shade the window and create a bridge between the mirrors and splashes of rain water. This prevents the rain water leaving scratch or a crack on the window.
  5. Enhanced look: Beyond their functional benefits, rain visors also add sporty elegance  to the window and overall look to the car. The amazing chrome and classy finishes allows one to customize the car’s appearance along with practical benefits.

     6: Noise Reduction: When driving at high speed, the noise of wind may irritate the drivers. The rain visors deflect the wind away and keep the              driving process calm. In monsoon specially the noise of rain disturbs while driving , So these accessories are helpful in reducing the noise.

  1. UV protection: Many rain Visors come with UV protection shields that reduce the harmful effects of sun rays. The Sun rays can still harm in rainy days penetrating from clouds , so these accessories minimize the effect.

How to Install a Rain Visor?

You can follow these steps after you receive the package: 

  •  Clean the surface properly specially the edges of the door and make it grease free to ensure that the adhesive can be sticked properly.
  • Carefully align the rain visor with the top edge of the door, ensuring that it’s centered and level.
  • Press the rain visor firmly onto the door, applying even pressure along the entire length to ensure a secure bond. Hold it in place for a few seconds to allow the adhesive to set.


Rain visors are highly valuable car accessories especially for monsoon season to protect your car windows and interiors 360 degree. From protecting against rain  to enhancing ventilation and style, rain  visors are worth investing in . These easy installation and low maintenance accessories are crucial and much needed to survive the unpredictable monsoon.These are also cost effective from all angles, it’s better to spend wisely than paying higher amounts for repair cost and changing the windows and damaged seats of the car.

Drivestylish is here to guide you through the best suited rain visors for your car model for absolutely free! You can call us or WhatsApp without hesitating. We deal in car accessories at fair prices and 100% assured post delivery services. We are also available on Flipkart and Amazon. Feel free to reach out.


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