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Hycross Maybach Front Grill

Hycross Maybach Front Grill

Original price was: ₹15,643.00.Current price is: ₹9,899.00.

  • Suitable for: Innova Hycross
  • Material: ABS plastic for Durability
  • Style: Mercedes Benz Maybach Style
  • Colour: Glossy finish Chrome for the Premium look
  • No drilling or modifications required
  • Comes with LED lights for Better Visibility


Let’s merge luxury with safety with the Innova Hycross Maybach Front grill!

Toyota Innova Hycross Maybach Front Grill has been consistently upgrading its features and giving you reasons to get it installed in your Innova Hycross.

 Have a glance at the features and benefits  of this amazing maybach front grill:

  • Constructed with durable materials: The Maybach front grills are made from ABS plastic materials ensuring the long-term usage and durability of the grills.
  • Enhance the looks with a Glossy Black Finish: Glossy is synonymous with shiny luxury elements. So our Maybach Front grill will ultimately add a premium look to the car without extra effort.  
  •  Prevents the overheating of the Engine: Innova Hycross Maybach Front grill is installed at the openings allowing the airflow from the radiator and engine to prevent them from overheating during summers and long hour drives.
  •  Luxurious and easy-fitting design: The Innova Hycross front grill fits seamlessly into the car without any drilling or mouldings. Its sleek design gives a premium look to the car and improves the overall looks of the car.
  •  Provides the car with better Aerodynamics: The shape of the Innova Hycross front grill is made in such a way that it can optimise the aerodynamics of the vehicle and provide it with better fuel efficiency.
  • Improved Visibility: Some Hycross Front Grills are designed with integrated LED lights or light bars, enhancing the vehicle’s appearance and improving visibility during nighttime driving.

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What is in the package of Innova Hycross Grill By Drivestylish?

The items in the package from Drivestylish of Front Grills in  Mercedes Benz Maybach Style include:

  • Front Grills for Innova Hycross in  Mercedes Benz Maybach Style 
  • A strong  double tape to stick the grills 
  • A primer PC to clean your car before installing

Points to take care of:



In Conclusion

Toyota’s commitment to innovation, performance, and style and Drivestylish’s commitment to the aesthetics, functional benefits, and customizable options of the Innova Hycross Front grill. You must check out once with the best services and quality offered here.. Whether navigating urban landscapes or embarking on long-distance journeys, drivers can rely on the Hycross Front Grill to deliver both form and function with unparalleled sophistication.



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