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Ignis Side Cladding

Ignis Side Cladding

Original price was: ₹2,500.00.Current price is: ₹1,750.00.

  • Flawless Fit – Ideal for Ignis 
  • Exterior Molding for Protecting and Style Enhancement
  • Safeguards the Vehicle’s Body Against Scratches and dents
  • Elevates Visual appeal with Streamlined Additions.
  • Rust-resistant and Corrosion-Proof 
  • Effortless Installation Procedure
  • Sleek Matte Surface with Chrome Metal Inserts
  • Constructed with ABS Plastic for Long-lasting Performance.
  • No Need for Drilling or Alterations.
  • Designed to Be Positioned on or Below the Vehicle’s Doors.


Ignis Side Cladding

Side Cladding on the Suzuki Ignis are a cost-effective addition to your Vehicle. DriveStylish offers you the best combination of side cladding in Premium quality. These sleek strips, meticulously designed to complement Ignis’s style, serve several purposes.

Why is Ignis’s side cladding?

  • Protection from Scratches and Minor Dents:
    Side cladding suitable for Ignis is done for the primary protection of your car’s doors and body panels from dents due to bumps from other moving vehicles and minor collisions in compact parking areas. The waterproof rubber material of the side cladding acts like a barrier that reduces the impact occurring due to Collisions.
  • Comfortable Installation: We truly understand your concern about drilling or modifications in the vehicle’s structure, so the side cladding is designed to fit securely on the car doors without any modifications to your Ignis. 
  • Durability: The side Cladding for Ignis is made from premium quality rubber and other durable ABS materials to ensure better protection for your car in the long run. You won’t have to worry about changing or replacing them again and again.
  • Enhanced appearance: Side Cladding will add perfection and sophistication to your Ignis. It will integrate seamlessly into your car’s existing design without any modifications, giving a sleek and appealing look to your car’s exteriors.
  • Minimum cost and High resale value: Far better than the costs of repairing due to scratches and dents on your Ignis’s body. Car Side Cladding for Ignis will minimize the risks of diminishing the resale value because of minor scratches and dents.
  • Assured Compatibility and Warranty: Side Cladding kits designed for Ignis ensure perfect compatibility with your vehicle, guaranteeing a precise fit and great performance. Drivestylish will also help you with installation and free guidance.

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 What is in the package by Drivestylish?

  • Side beading pair suitable for Ignis. (Left and right)
  • Cleaner to clean the surface 
  • Adhesive tape
  • A warranty card
  • Installation Manual

Points to remember:



Why get Side Beading Ignis online from Drivestylish?

  • Assured Premium Quality: The products with Drivestylish are specially crafted with high-quality ABS and chrome materials. This ensures the durability of the running boards for your Ignis.
  • Great offers and discounts: Drivestylish offers you a reasonable discount on side-beading kits for your Ignis. It’s way better than offline shops that sell it rate to rate.
  • Simple Order Process: The hustle of running shop to shop for the perfect side stepper and that too settling for high prices is not justified. But our Website- is simple and straight. You just need to create an account and place your order.
  • Strong Market Reach: Drivestylish has been serving the consumers for past 30+ years in the offline market and for the past 2 years in the online market with perfection. You can scroll through Google reviews for feedback.

Side Cladding in the Suzuki Ignis, sold by DriveStylish, offer a balance of style and functionality. While they provide valuable protection against damage and enhance the car’s appearance, potential drawbacks such as cost and personal aesthetic preferences should be considered before installation. Ultimately, the decision to add side beadings to an Ignis comes down to individual preference and priorities.


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