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Mud Flaps For Xuv 3XO || Drivestylish

Mud Flaps For Xuv 3XO || Drivestylish

Original price was: ₹999.00.Current price is: ₹599.00.

  • Flexible
  • Sturdy Built
  • Protects from Dust, Snow, Oil and even Tar
  • Custom fit for your car
  • 3 Dimentional
  • Mahindra 3XO


Mahindra 3XO Mud Flaps are ideal for areas with potholes and mud. Potholes in the road, as well as debris, were thrown on the tyre, causing dirt and scratches to accumulate.

Let us look at the features and advantages of the Mahindra 3XO Mud Flaps: 

What are Mahindra 3XO Mud Flaps?

Mud flaps are also known as Mudguards, which protect the vehicle’s wheels and tyres. These Mudguards serve the primary purpose of shielding the vehicle from dirt, debris, and dust on the wheels. These external car accessories are made of durable thermoplastic materials and serve their role to the fullest. 

What Do Mahindra 3XO Mud Flaps Do?

  1. Shields the bottom part of the vehicle from scratches and harm.

Investing in mud flap is primarily done to safeguard your vehicle from harm. Driving on muddy roads results in tyres emitting debris and small stones. The Mahindra 3XO Mud flaps shield your wheels from damage.

  • Maintain cleanliness of the wheels

Mud flap help reduce the spray of dirty water and small rocks onto the wheels when driving. This also helps in preserving the shine and colour of the wheels while reducing the occurrence of punctures.

  • Enhances visibility further:

Mud flaps promote road safety by stopping debris from being tossed onto the road. Debris can be easily propelled by your tyres to hit vehicles behind you or cause damage to your vehicle directly. This also gives the driver additional visibility.

  • Minimum Customisations available

If you prefer a modern Mahindra 3XO mud flap or want to customise the colour and other things we have various options for customisation. Some car companies even offer custom mud flaps with logos, graphics, or personalized messages, allowing you to add a unique touch to your vehicle.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Installing mud flap is a simple process that can be done at home using the basic toolkit. Mahindra 3XO mud flaps come with drilled holes and screws that fit seamlessly. After installation, you must clean the Dirt accumulations on the regular intervals to ensure durability and proper functions.

What is in the Mahindra 3XO Mud Flap package by Drivestylish?

  • Four Mud flap for the front and Rear Wheel
  • Mounting Kit 

Why Choose Drivestylsih Online?

If you are searching for durable Mahindra 3XO Mud Flap at an affordable rate, we are the perfect choice! 

  • DriveStylish will assist you in making thoughtful decisions by guiding you on call after enquiry.  
  • We Have been Serving customers for the past two years online and 30+ Years offline in Delhi.
  • We guarantee both post-delivery and high-quality services.
  • We provide you with the best deals at fair prices on both exterior and interior accessories. 
  • We ensure the highest quality by putting car accessories through two-tier testing.


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