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Sansui SAM5350 Android Car Stereo

Sansui SAM5350 Android Car Stereo

Original price was: ₹19,999.00.Current price is: ₹12,999.00.

  • Good Screen size of 9 inches
  • Compatible for Most of the Car Models
  • Runs smooth with SA 12 Operating System
  • Runs smooth with SA 12 Operating System
  • Enjoy the Video Streaming with Full HD 1080 P
  • 1280 X 720P Display
  • Comes with GPS connectivity
  • Sufficient storage of 2GBRAM & 32GB Storage
  • Install the Mirror Link and enjoy unlimited streaming and GPS
  • USB and wireless Mobile Playback
  • Provided with Surround sound settings to control the flow of Music
  • Supports APK download, installation and Uninstallation
  • Flawless Bluetooth And Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • 1-year Manufacturer warranty
  • Andorid car stereo


The Sansui Sam5350 Android Car Stereo, sold by Drivestylish, is a Hi-tech and adaptive car entertainment system designed to make your journey memorable and full of energy. 

Enter the world of  Android Car Stereo in your car upgrade system – a perfect exterior car accessory for music lovers and long drives. With a big screen, an amazing base and uninterrupted connectivity, what else is needed for an Android Music System? Drivestylish is a great dealer for the Android car stereo, Let’s have a glance at the same:

Following are some Exceptional; features of the Sansui Sam 5350 Andriod Car Stereo

Special Technical Features of Sansui Sam5350 Android Music System-

  • Suitable for Android Operating system
  • With Radio System
  • USB interface provided
  • With Bluetooth connectivity
  • High Bass Audio Quality

1. Touchscreen Display:

  The Sansui Sam5350 Android Car Stereo has a 10.1-inch capacitive touchscreen display, offering vibrant colours and sharp visuals. The large screen size enhances the user experience, making navigation and multimedia controls straightforward and enjoyable.

 2. Flawless Andriod Operating System:

 This car stereo runs on the Android operating system, which provides a familiar and versatile platform. Users can download and install a wide range of apps from the Google Play Store, including navigation apps, music streaming services, and productivity tools.

  1. Enhanced Safety and Convenience:

Beyond its entertainment prowess, the Sansui Sam 5350 Android Car Stereo prioritises safety and convenience with a host of innovative features. With support for rearview camera integration, parking sensors, and GPS navigation, you can confidently navigate tight parking spots and unfamiliar roads. Additionally, the system’s intuitive user interface and ergonomic design ensure effortless operation, minimising distractions and allowing you to focus on the road ahead.

4. Best Audio Quality:

The Sansui sets a new standard with its advanced sound processing capabilities and customizable audio settings. With support for high-resolution audio formats and a built-in equalizer, you can fine-tune the sound to suit your preferences,  you prefer heave bass, melodious vocals, or loud music. Or. Whether you’re blasting your favourite tunes or enjoying a podcast, the Sansui Sam 5350 Android Car Stereo delivers rich, dynamic sound that fills the cabin with unparalleled clarity and depth.

What is in the Package of Drivestylish Android Music System- “Sansui Sam 5350?

  • Sansui Sam 5350 9 inches Andriod Music System
  • Mounting Kit 
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Kit 

Why purchase the online Android Music System- “Sansui Sam 5350”  from Drivestylish?

  1. Extensive Market Background: Drivestylish has established a strong track record as a trusted provider, ensuring customer contentment with each purchase, boasting over three decades in the physical market and over two years in the digital market.
  2. Guaranteed top-notch quality: Drivestylish provides a range of Android music systems from high-connectivity and premium screen components, ensuring longevity for your Exter’s Side Cladding.
  3. Great sales and markdowns: Drivestylish offers excellent discounts on Stereo kits, providing better value than physical stores.
  4. Simple Ordering Process: has a straightforward ordering system that allows you to create an account and place your order easily, eliminating the need to search for the perfect side stepper in traditional brick-and-mortar stores.


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