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Side Beading Chrome For Skoda Salvia Set Of 4

Side Beading Chrome For Skoda Salvia Set Of 4

Original price was: ₹4,299.00.Current price is: ₹2,199.00.

  • Compatible for Slavia
  • Body Side Beadings pair for protection from scratches and dents
  • Chrome Door Side Cladding for a luxurious look
  • Available in silver and Black colour
  • Aesthetic addon featuring lines on the body panel giving it a sporty look
  • Made up of  anti-corrosion and rust-free materials for Durability
  • The easy installation process with no drilling and no modifications
  • Use of  ABS plastic materials to ensure strength 
  • To be placed on the Door or below the door.
  • Pack of 4 with Adhesive tap
  • Side Beadings


Side Beading Chrome Salvia

The Slavia side beading aren’t just accents; they’re your car’s armour against the unexpected. Designed to deflect dings and scratches while amplifying its aesthetic appeal, these sleek additions blend seamlessly with your Slavia’s contours.

 What is in the package by Drivestylish?

  • A side beading pair is suitable for Slavia. (Left and right)
  • Cleaner to clean the surface 
  • Adhesive tape
  • Installation Manual

Advantages of installing Slavia side beading 

Unmatched durability: Side beading for Slavia are made up of strong ABS plastic that ensures strength and unmatched durability.

Car body protection under Budget: These exterior accessories prevent the body from dents and scratches during traffic by other vehicles or mishaps in parking areas.

Elevates the looks of the car: The side beading add a sporty upgrade to the car. The lines on the car body can be identified from far. 

Environmental Flexible: Can withstand a variety of weather conditions, including rain, sunshine, and road debris.

Placement is simple, using the sticky tape included in the package. It just takes 24 hours for the powerful adhesive to bond to the automobile.

Maintenance: Simple to clean and maintain. To clean the surface of the side beading, simply use detergent and water.

The process to Install Slavia Side beading:

Step 1: Setting up the car for installation: The car’s side beading should be applied on a clean surface. Clean the vehicle’s external surface so that it will adhere correctly. Use a moderate detergent and water to remove any dirt, dirt, or wax buildup.

Step 2: Position and Alignment: Use the tape included in the package to precisely measure and mark where the side beading should be put on the car’s body panels.

Step 3: Apply the Adhesive: Use the adhesive tape to apply a thin, uniform layer of automotive-grade glue on the rear of the side beading.

Step 4: Applying Pressure and Maintaining Stability after using the adhesive, firmly press the side beads onto the vehicle’s surface. Leave the beading for a while to set up.‘s straightforward ordering system allows you to create an account and place your order easily, eliminating the need to search for the perfect Side beadings in traditional stores.


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