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Side Cladding Chrome for XUV 500

Side Cladding Chrome for XUV 500

Original price was: ₹4,550.00.Current price is: ₹2,199.00.

  • Fit for XUV 500
  • Body Side Beadings pair for protection from scratches and dents
  • Chrome Door Side Cladding for a luxurious look
  • Available in silver and Black colour
  • Aesthetic addon featuring lines on the body panel giving it a sporty look
  • Made up of  anti-corrosion and rust-free materials for Durability
  • The easy installation process with no drilling and no modifications
  • Use of  ABS plastic materials to ensure strength 
  • To be placed on the Door or below the door.
  • Pack of 4 with Adhesive tape
  • Side Beadings


XUV 500 Side Cladding Chrome

XUV 500 Side Cladding should be added to compliment the XUV 500’s premium appearance. The side beadings offer unparalleled protection and guarantee that your car is always ready for extended drives while maintaining an impressive appearance.

Advantages of purchasing  XUV 500 side cladding

  1. Easy Installation: 

We are mindful of your concern about drilling or physical changes, this is because the side beading has been designed to fit neatly on the car doors without needing any adjustments to your XUV 500. 

  1. Scratches and Minor Dents Protection:

XUV 500 side cladding shield your car’s doors and body panels from dents by creating a small space between the car body and surroundings. The side beading’s waterproof rubber material functions as a barrier to lessen the impact caused by collisions.

3.. Increases the resale value:

Opting for the XUV 500 side cladding installation is a wiser choice compared to spending a substantial amount to repair the dents and scratches on your XUV 500 body. With XUV 500’s car side beading, you can reduce the likelihood of potential buyers hesitating to purchase your car due to minor dents and scratches.

  1. Better  Durability: 

To guarantee excellent protection over time for your car, the XUV 500 side cladding has been built with high-grade rubber material and other solid ABS components. It won’t need you to stress about replacing or replacing them periodically. 

  1. Enhancement of Elegance:  

Side Beading boosts the splendour and elegance of your XUV 500. It will smoothly fit into your car’s existing design without making any modifications while giving your car’s exterior a sleek and appealing impression.

  1. Assured fitting and  Warranty:

Side beading kits developed for XUV 500 will prove to be completely compatible with your vehicle, ensuring a precise fit and outstanding efficiency. Drivestylish can help you with installation and free guidance.

 What is in the package by Drivestylish?

  • A side beading pair is suitable for XUV 500. (Left and right)
  • Cleaner to clean the surface 
  • Adhesive tape
  • Installation Manual

The process to Install XUV 500 Side beading:

Step 1:  Preparing the car for installation: The car side beading should be installed on a clean surface. Clean the vehicle’s exterior surface so that it can stick properly. Wash or wipe with a mild detergent and water to remove any dirt, grease, or wax residue.

Step 2: Placement and Alignment: Precisely measure and indicate where the side beading should be placed on the car’s body panels with either masking tape or chalk. Consider the shape and design of the vehicle to guarantee correct positioning and balance.

Step 3: Application of Adhesive: Use a designated applicator or adhesive tape to apply a thin, even coat of automotive-grade adhesive to the back of the side beading. Try not to use too much adhesive, as it could cause unattractive residue or harm the paint on the vehicle.

Step 4: Applying Pressure and Ensuring Stability: After applying the adhesive, firmly press the side beading onto the surface of the vehicle, beginning from one end and moving towards the other for security. Apply a clean, dry cloth or rubber roller to guarantee correct sticking and eliminate any air bubbles or creases.

***Allow enough time for the adhesive to properly cure and bond to the vehicle’s surface after installing the side beading.

Why get a Side Beading XUV 500 online from Drivestylish?

Shopping with Drivestylish for XUV 500 side beadings ensures superior quality with options for modification, simple ordering, amazing customer service, and inexpensive prices. Drivestylish lets you easily, safely and simply enhance the visual appeal and practicality of your car.


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