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Toyota Innova Hycross Wheel Arch Molding

Toyota Innova Hycross Wheel Arch Molding

Original price was: ₹12,499.00.Current price is: ₹7,999.00.

Key Features:- 

  • Constructed from High-Quality & Durable Materials
  • Enhanced Protection – Effective Protection
  • Designed for Straightforward Installation
  • Perfectly Match the Contours of Your Vehicle’s Wheel Arches
  • Seamless and Integrated Appearance.
  • Aesthetic Enhancement – Enhancing Its Overall Visual Appeal
  • Proper Finishes and Colors Contrast with Your Vehicle’s Exterior
  • Corrosion-Resistant Coatings to Prolong Its Lifespan
  • OEM Quality – Standards for Quality and Performance

Vehicle compatibility – Toyota Innova Hycross


Upgrade the Innovo Hycross Wheel Arch Car’s aesthetics and protection with the Wheel Arch, the ultimate solution for enhancing the look and safeguarding the integrity of your vehicle’s wheel wells. Designed with precision and manufactured using high-quality materials, the HyCross Wheel Arch is a versatile aftermarket accessory that seamlessly combines style and function.

Purpose of Wheel Arch Liner

The HyCross Wheel Arch’s primary purpose is to enhance your vehicle’s visual appeal while providing robust protection for its wheel wells. Whether you’re an off-road enthusiast seeking extra safeguarding or a city driver aiming for a stylish upgrade, the Wheel Arch delivers on both fronts.

The Advantages of Hycross Wheel Arch Molding

The Wheel Arch Liner offers an array of benefits that make it a must-have for any vehicle enthusiast:

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Elevate the visual appeal of your vehicle with the sleek and modern design of the HyCross Wheel Arch. Its clean lines and smooth finish complement a wide range of vehicle styles.
  • Protection: Shield your wheel wells from road debris, mud, and other elements that can cause damage over time. The HyCross Wheel Arch acts as a protective barrier, preventing chips, scratches, and corrosion.
  • Durability: Crafted from durable and weather-resistant materials, the Wheel Arch is built to withstand the harshest conditions, ensuring a long-lasting investment.
  • Easy Maintenance: The smooth surface of the wheel arch facilitates easy cleaning. Wipe it down to keep it looking brand new.


Packages Include:

🔽 Single Wheel Arch: Ideal for those looking to enhance a specific wheel well or replace a damaged arch.

🔽 Full Set: Perfect for upgrading all four-wheel wells, giving your vehicle a cohesive and stylish look.


Installation Guides

Installing the Wheel Arch Liner is a straightforward process that requires basic tools and minimal technical expertise. Follow these steps for a hassle-free installation:

  • Prepare the Vehicle: Ensure the vehicle is parked on a level surface and turned off. Clean the wheel wells to remove any dirt or debris.
  • Position the Arch: Align the HyCross Wheel Arch with the wheel well and ensure proper fitment. Use the provided hardware to secure it in place temporarily.
  • Mark Mounting Points: With the arch positioned correctly, mark the mounting points using a pencil or tape.
  • Drilling: Carefully drill holes at the marked points, ensuring the appropriate size for the provided screws or clips.
  • Secure the Arch: Align the arch with the drilled holes and use the included screws or clips to firmly attach it to the wheel well.
  • Final Adjustments: Double-check the alignment and tighten all screws or clips. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure a snug fit.


👉 Experience the fusion of style and protection with the Innovo HyCross Wheel Arch. Elevate your vehicle’s appearance while safeguarding its wheel wells from the rigors of the road. Easy to install and built to last, the HyCross Wheel Arch is the ultimate choice for discerning vehicle owners seeking a balance of form and function.


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