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Exterior Car Accessories

Exterior Car Accessories

Following best exterior car accessories not only enhances the look of the car but also extends its security. 

Car Body covers

 These  car body covers are designed to shield the vehicle from dust, dirt, and scratches. They also protect your idle vehicle from sun exposure and rain thus preventing discoloration in the long run. 

Side footrest for cars:

A stylish side footrest in your car can upgrade your journey and car exterior. Leaving the discomfort behind you can install the footrest which comes in various colors, sizes, and designs. 

Roof carriers:

This best exterior car accessories is a handy attachment that provides extra space for your luggage. This roof carrier is a must for long trips with increased carriage capacity. It consists of a set of bars mounted on the roof providing safety to luggage.

Mud flaps:

These are the car accessories installed behind the wheels to prevent them from mud, rocks, water, or all the debris thrown up on the wheels while driving. They protect the car from all kinds of damage and dirt on the road.

Roof Spoiler:

A roof spoiler is an best exterior car accessories installed to the rear of the car with its aerodynamic feature. It reduces the aerodynamic lift and ensures the stability of the vehicle during driving.

Body kit:

A body kit for a car comes with a set of exterior components that are installed in the car. These typically consist of exterior car accessories Parts like rear bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, etc. These help in improving the overall experience of the car.

Bumper Protectors:

Since Indian roads are way too hard to navigate through, this car accessories is a savior. These are the audible or visual sensors that help to prevent potential collisions. It is a camera installed to alert the vehicle against obstacles while reversing the car, which helps avoid costly repair charges.

Door visor:

It is a thin car accessory that is installed at the edge of the car door window frame. It is mainly helpful in deflecting the rainwater away, reducing the noise of wind when driving, and providing shade agai nst the sun while the window is open.

Car Roof Rail:

one of the best exterior car accessories comes with dual benefits. It not only provides the car with a sporty look but is also used to carry heavy luggage. These roofs are attached parallelly and provide more safe and secure space for carrying heavy luggage even bicycles.

Car Front Grill:

Typically installed between the headlights. This exterior part’s purpose is to allow the airflow in the engine compartment. It mainly adds aesthetics to the car featuring the brand and logo of the car enhancing the identity of the car. This is the only car accessories that provides an extra definition to the car’s exteriors.

Cross Bars:

Evaluating the condition of roads in India, Crossbars are important to save your luggage from falling anywhere on the road. This exterior car accessories is a fast and easy-fitting part of the car providing more strength to the carriage capacity at the roof of the car.

Rear bumper Guard:

The rear bumpers are very common to Indian drivers. This exterior Car accessories prevents the collision of vehicles at low speeds. It helps prevent the car from bumpers while reversing the car.

Wheel Arch:

These are the car accessories with curved extensions covering the wheel. It serves both safety and Aesthetic purposes. These wheel wells provide clearance to the wheels from mud, water, and debris splashing up from the road. While you select a wheel arch, prefer materials, style, and compatibility to ensure the best look of the car.

Front and rear bumper protector Guard:

These best exterior car accessories are designed to protect the car’s bumpers from scratches, dents, and other damage. These come in various forms such as bumper guards, covers, or bumper pads. These exterior car accessory helps to preserve the appearance of the car and save its resale value.

Exterior car accessories list

Car Body CoversSide Footrest For CarRoof Carriers
Mud FlapsRoof SpoilerBody Kit
Bumper ProtectorDoor VisorCar Roof Rails
Front GrillCross BarsRear Bumper Safety Guard
Wheel ArchFront and Rear Bumper