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Jimny Genuine Accessories

The jimny genuine accessories have the hearts of many car lovers. With its compact size, strength, and amazing design, it has the potential for external modifications and enhances the look with Jimny accessories.

Renowned for its go-anywhere attitude and timeless charm, the Jimny is a vehicle that’s equally adventurous at home tackling rocky trails as it navigates city streets.

To elevate your amazing journey with the Jimny, elevate it with unbeatable Jimny Car Accessories.

The Drivestylish offers you a good range of Jimny genuine accessories starting from car floor mats to safety equipment as interior and Exterior Car Accessories.

From practical safety equipment to Luxury upgrades, We sell every range for you Jimny.

We provide the Jimny Genuine Accessories with more emphasis on Quality which are durable and strong. These accessories reflect a personal touch of Hyundai and a commitment to Drivestylish post-delivery.

How to Enhance the Look with Jimny  Accessories?

Enhance your Jimny with the accessories that can elevate your Style & functionality. Carefully selected Jimny Accessories can make your car stand out. You can enhance the look and protect your car at the same time with Jimny accessories.

Drivestylish has a huge collection of  Accessories for Jimny. You can incorporate the best-fit accessories for the interiors and exteriors. You can effortlessly elevate your car’s look by shopping with us and creating an ambience for perfect journeys ahead.

Jimny Exterior Car Accessories Types


Wind Visor:

It is a Rust-proof exterior Jimny accessory installed at the edge of the car window frame. It deflects the rainwater away, reducing the noise of wind while driving, minimizing the glaze of sunlight, and providing shade while the window is open.




Rear bumper protector Guard :

This exterior Car Accessory of Jimny is designed to protect the car body from scratches, dents, and other damage when you unintentionally make a bump while reversing. The bumper guards are of two types “Rear bumper guard” & Front & Rear Bumper Safety Guard.



Mud Flaps:

This Jimny Accessory is a must when you need clear visibility during rain. We provide mud flaps for Jimny cars that are to be installed on the wheels to prevent them from mud, rocks, water, or all the debris thrown up on wheels while driving.



Side Stepper :

These are must-have car exterior accessories that not only protect your car from dents by other moving vehicles but also help you to keep your Jimny clean and make your exit & entry easy from the car. Drivestylish has a wide variety of side footrests for your car that are the best investment for enhancing & protecting your vehicle from dents.



Jimny Body covers:

  The Car Covers are very important to shield the vehicle from discolouration, dust, dirt, and scratches. Drivestylish has a huge collection of body covers such as Double-color lining body covers, Matte finished car covers, American grey covers, etc. You won’t get such amazing options anywhere else for Jimny Accessories.



Roof Spoilers :

If you go on long Journeys often, Roof spoilers come as a saviour to you. These are used to decrease turbulence and increase the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.



Jimny Interior Accessories


Car Floor Mats:

Jimny floor mat keeps the seats of your car safe from spillage And dirt on the car floor. We have covers made up of leather of supreme quality and in colour range. These luxurious mats are 100% waterproof.




Seat covers:

These are Jimny Accessories to keep your car’s seat safe and avoid cuts and upholstery. These accessories come in various styles including foldable, retractable, and custom-fit options. These luxury Leather Covers provide immense comfort during the long Drives.


DRL lights:

It is a crucial safety feature that enhances visibility and reduces the risk of accidents in low-light areas. We have a range of automatic Jimny DRL lights that switch on automatically when the car reaches dark areas. The DRL light with us ensures safety, style, and better visibility.


Why choose Drivestylish online?

In search of Premium car Accessories for your Jimny Car on a budget?

Drivestylish will help you out in Strategic selection. We have been serving our consumers for the past two 2 years. We can assure the quality And after-delivery services.

We will give you the best offers on Jimny Accessories at reasonable rates. The quality with us is never compromised. We go through two-tier tests of car accessories and can assure you of the best quality. We will be providing after-sales service for your Jimny accessories. It’s time to experience the best car driving experience with our Accessories.

Still don’t have clarity regarding the purchase of Jimny Accessories from Drivestylish. Following are some questions that most people have asked –

What types of interior accessories are available for the Jimny?

We have a wide variety of Jimny Interior Accessories like Seat covers of a wide variety. We can provide customized covers as well. We also have fully Automatic DRL lights.

Where can I purchase Jimny’s exterior Accessories?

We are trading Jimny Car Accessories on our Official trusted website- and on platforms like Flipkart, and Amazon. You can reach out to us from any of the available options with a click.

Can I purchase Maruti Jimny Accessories Online?

Yes, We have our website which is maintained by the software developers Team and highly configured with all safety measures. We are also registered on e-commerce platforms like Flipkart and Amazon.

Where can I find Genuine Jimny Accessories?

You can search on Flipkart And Amazon check the ratings and place an order. You can also reach out to the official website of Drivestylish i.e. drive

What is included in the Jimny basic Accessories kit?

The Jimny Cars’ basic Accessories kit includes Front and Rear bumper sensors, car covers, Seat covers, Mud flaps, etc.